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...And some, not so much

Kill Switch

Tess is so bad...

Cabinet of Curiosities

Don't read this alone at night...


This theme really bothered me...

Covenant with the Vampire

If I had five thumbs, every single last one of them would be standing straight up! (We won’t even begin to discuss the other problems I’d have if I actually, in fact, was “all thumbs”).


When you crack open the pages of Sandstorm the first 50 pages roll along just fine and then you are hit with more than 558 pages of overly wordy boringness.


I guess I should have been forewarned when the word Fairy Tales was used in the title, but the title also said for “the Well-Heeled Princess” and I don’t know any well-heeled Princess who would fall for that storyline (no pun intended).

Sins Father

I liked Matthew Scudder. He isn’t someone I’d like to meet, but if I ever needed the kind of help that local authorities wouldn’t be able to provide I’d ask for one of those favors of his.


It started off well and ended up in imagination hell... literally


The Dark was uber creepy! It basically attempts to explain why we are inherently afraid of the dark. The kids had it right… there really is something that wants to eat you, waiting in the dark

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